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Kama Speaks Will Present Entrepreneur Empowerment Conference

By M Malia Vincent-Finney

MORENO VALLEY - Kama Burton is a woman who speaks her mind. And when she does, she has a lot to say. As the host of Kama Speaks, an online talk show, Kama addresses issues that range from real estate to HIV/AIDS and domestic violence.

The role of talk show host suits her well. She says she has always been outgoing and fun-loving. She loves public speaking. She is active in the Moreno Valley community in which she lives, and in her church. Her mission in life is to change the mindset of others – in a good way. So speaking her mind to help people pursue their goals and realize their dreams is what gives her joy in what she does. On her show, Kama encourages and motivates her listeners to pursue their passion and purpose in life despite the obstacles they may encounter.

Kama's passion is training others in business, no matter what that business may be. She believes everyone has a God-given purpose. Once they find it and work it, they will be successful.

Kama says her bachelors degree in business management did not influence her to start a company, but did help her learn how to run one. Later this month, Kama Speaks will be presenting its first large community event, The Entrepreneur Empowerment Conference, on February 21, 2015, from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Holiday Inn in Moreno Valley.

In addition to being a talk show host, Kama is a realtor with Ron Allen and Associates dba Your Realtor Group. As a realtor, her role is to help sellers and buyers achieve their real estate dreams. She is also president of the Inland Valley's Closer Toastmasters Club in Riverside.

Kama was inspired to become an entrepreneur at the tender age of 13, when she began to get her nails done at the corner from her house in Hawthorne. Although she wanted to be a stay-at-home-Mom, her fascination for the art of the manicure had her dreaming of owning her own salon, setting her own hours, traveling with celebrities and being the most sought after manicurist in the the country. She did obtain her manicurist license.

Her early goals showed the apple did not fall far from the tree – her father is an entrepreneur. “Although he had a "9 to 5," he always worked on cars on the side,” said Kama. “He would always have extra money. My granny, my dad's mom, she had a candy store, she baked and sewed for others, I guess you would say, it's in my blood.” ~

You can read the full story in our February 2015 issue of IE Entrepreneur, Volume 1 Issue 1

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